Staying motivated can be very hard for lots of people around the world, especially if you are anything like me. I can be motivated for a week straight but then when life throws me setbacks I tend to dwell on it and end up losing my focus. LUCKY for you I am here to guide you towards the right direction. We ALL know that life is full of beautiful things and experiences but life can also be full of negativity. I believe that there is more negative in the world then there is positive. BUT no matter what life throws at you, YOU MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT.. BETTER DAYS ARE COMING. What I’ve learned my 23 years of living on this planet is that nothing ever stays the same, things get better with time. You just have to trust in yourself and believe that what is meant for you will stay and everything that wasn’t was just a lesson that you had to learn to keep LEVELING UP AND MOVING ON TO BETTER and BIGGER THINGS. At the end of the day all you have is YOURSELF. You need TRUST YOURSELF AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Most IMPORTANTLY you must have SELF LOVE .. with self love you can accomplish anything and everything you’ve always dreamed and thought about. You don’t need anyone else to support you to keep pursing what you are very passionate about. Pick yourself up when things get rough. Don’t dependent on others because that’s how you get hurt. You have to look at yourself in the mirror EVERYDAY and say ” I am ENOUGH & I CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO. and repeat this a MILLION times if you have to but you better believe it. THINK BIG AND NEVER GIVE UP. STAY HUNGRY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Find INSPIRATION.