How To Make Money On ebay Dropshipping 2021

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How to Make Money on Ebay Dropshipping Made Simple.


First: Find a current Ebay Seller that has the product you want to dropship listed on ebay

Second: Check their SALES history manually

Third: Decide if the product is worth listing based on sales volume
( Basically if the product sells a lot or often )

If your product is a winning product then move on to STEP TWO



Main Competitor: The Seller/Competitor that is making the most RECENT sales on the product/listing on eBAY.

The Main Competitor is the seller you mainly focus on when listing the product, and your Title/Price will usually depends on this seller.

REMEMBER!! Main Competitor is always updating the product info. What do I mean by that? Main Competitor well always change the price, title, pictures, etc. SO KEEP UP!

Stay Up to Date with the product you attend to SELL so that you can maximize your sales.


I hope I’ve made this a lot easier for you to understand.

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